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Touhou Hachikasen - Allrange Retrospective Shooting

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Release Information
Type: 2.5D/3D Shooting
Developer:  LIMITCYCLE
Publisher:  LIMITCYCLE
Release: Comiket 77, on december 2009
Language: Japanese

Default Controls
Keyboard Controls:
Arrow Keys: Move
WASD: Attack
[P]: Pause
[X]: Bomb

Controller Controls:
# Make sure to check out the (2nd) lowest option in the config:
# タイプ1 is for PS compatible controllers
# タイプ2 is for 360 compatible controllers
# 3rd option leads you to the key configuration
Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Attack
"R button": Bomb
"L button": Pause


How it works: 
It's a 3D top down shooting game in which you can shoot in any direction.
Your progress and the game's difficulty increase if you manage to defeat the enemies within 30 seconds. You lose progress if you take longer than 30 seconds, get hit or use bombs.
There are 8 stages with a boss each. Once you clear all stages you unlock the extra mode.

- You might want to limit the max framerate to 60 if your screen has a higher refresh rate than 60 Hz.
- Play with japanese locale

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