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Release Information
Type: Puzzle
Developer: TMC
Publisher: TMC
Release: 2008
Language: Japanese


Touhou Drops is a 2008 puzzle game developed by TMC and considered as another variants of Tetris. In Touhou Drops the player is presented with a playfield consisting of separate platform with Touhou characters on one side and empty space which can be occupied by blocks. The goal of Touhou Drops is guiding Touhou characters to the exit by stacking and arranging blocks that appear randomly on the top of the screen. Wild card blocks, power-ups and a limited spell cards help with this task. The game ends when the stack of blocks reaches the top of the playing field and no new block are able to enter, or another game-ending condition is met such as reaching a time limit.

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this game is fun but the later levels are unusually difficult.


abilities. every character has 3 abilities and you can activate them if a character picks up a level block that comes in the drop menu. big problem is that you only know what they do when you use them, and sometimes they appear to do nothing at all because you need some requirement, like an enemy within a certain distance from your character or something hard to notice. when you use some abilities, like remilia 3 or marisa 2/3, you might just instantly want to restart because you just destroyed your entire structure.

blocks. each level has a 'set' of blocks that can or cant appear. you may be waiting to get a bomb block, but realize that it probably isnt coming because its impossible to get one on that stage.

saving. if you play a world and leave in the middle somewhere, you will start at the beginning of that world next time.

health. characters have health and they will carry their health to the next levels (try doing world 8-6 with 1 hp on the best character).

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