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Gensokyo Night Festival Demo

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Release Information
Type: Action/Platformer
Developer:  Why so serious?, tea_basira
Publisher:  Why so serious?, PLAYISM
Release: 13 ott 2019
Language: English (can switch to Jpn/Ch)


Gensokyo Night Festival is a 2D action-exploration game set in the world of Gensokyo. Join Suika Ibuki as she wreaks havoc throughout Gensokyo against the backdrop of the festival held at Hakurei Shrine.
Use Suika's powers of controlling "density" and "sparseness" to go up against all sorts of colorful enemies and gimmicks in this 2D combo based action game title.
Join the almighty Suika on her journey through the beautiful world of Gensokyo.


Consider supporting the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can:

What's New in Version 05/15/2022 05:41 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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On 11/1/2019 at 10:27 AM, addthenan said:

Isn't this only the beta version?

It's... it's legit just the demo...

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