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Touhou 17.5: Touhou Gouyoku Ibun ~ Suibotsushita Chinshuu Jigoku

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Information to be fully made soon(tm) as possible.

About This File

Release Information
Type: Side-Scroller
Developer: Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier
Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier
Release: 2021
Language: Japanese


Steam Release
The game is also available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1440500/_/

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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I think you just need to run in Japanese app locale or something. That's what I did. 

(Nothing to do with the reply to the other comment) This game is kind of confusing at first, but once you get used to the controls, like how to get moist, it's fun- until that first spellcard.

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Issues were reported with Windows 7, from experience it works fine with Windows 10. Being an early beta it should have the issues ironed out towards the final demo release.

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The Japanese script while talking doesn't run and they are replaced as "...…" plus notepad text document inside the file shows full of errors when I opened it. (Windows 10)

Annotation 2019-10-07 183919.png

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i think it only let you play as reimu for now. as for the crashes everyone's talking about, I think it might be an OS compatibility issue. because i've heard that the people who says that it crashes use windows 7, but I'm playing on windows 10 and it works fine. but what do I know?

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A general guide on the game demo:

You should set your locale to Japanese. The game opens in fullscreen (no windowed mode yet). Use arrow keys to move, Z/Enter to confirm, X/Backspace to cancel and Esc for Start. Aside from arrow keys, there are only 4 buttons in-game; Z/Enter to dash (referred to as Graze), X/Backspace to attack, C to bomb and Esc to Pause. There is no built-in gamepad detection so you'll need to rig it yourself. Be aware when using in-game binding that there are only 4 buttons: the equivalent buttons to ☐ is dash,  is attack, is bomb and Pause is Esc. These are atypical controls so I do recommend customizing them.

Currently only Reimu is playable, immediately enters a boss fight without any tutorial. You have 5 lives (only the first 3 of which can double as bombs), an oil percentage (which I'm still unsure as to exactly what it does) that is probably a debuff that fades over time, and a stamina meter (spent by dashing and attacking, regens quickly when on the ground doing neither). There is no jump button so your only means of upward movement are attacking and dashing in a direction. Attacking and dashing defenst against enemy danmaku but not their charge physical attacks. Holding a direction while attacking does change the attack (in midair it does shoot danmaku but only at a 45 degree angle downward). The Dash/Graze is charge-based. Reimu's bomb uses 1 of the first 3 lives and releases 8 orbs that deal 3 damage each but it can be cancelled by the enemy if they hit you before you cast it.

Marisa and Kogasa have 2 phases, Yuugi has 3. If you do enough consecutive damage during their non-final spells you can knock them down for a bit. In-between retries, do not spam the attack button because that's the cancel command. And give it a few seconds before pressing confirm because the game can bug out if you go back in too quickly and/or if you make too many moves during the first spell.


The following are opinions.

Bombing's not worth it since it draws from the same resource as lives. You can only launch danmaku at a 45 degree angle in midair so it's also unreliable in exchange for draining stamina unnecessarily. Basically, danmaku is currently useless and melee is the way to go. Keep dashes to short bursts and close to the ground unless you're setting up a slam attack. Upward & downward melee will give you enough DPS to carry you through almost all of the demo; the up-down combo generally destroys the first phase of bosses. The point of the game is to efficiently manage your stamina and engagements, using attack/dash invulnerability to simultaneously avoid getting hit and spam melee on the boss.

The hardest phases are Kogasa's 2nd and Yuugi's 3rd. Kogasa keeps jumping to the right corner until the end of the stage where she goes left, so getting into melee range is a little trickier. Yuugi slams the ground a couple of times, making danmaku waves. The first wave won't reach you if you go to the stage ends but after that there's so much danmaku it's hard to keep up invulnerability. The trick is to go into her 3rd phase with as many lives as you can, dash in and spam DPS when she's stopped slamming, and never be under her when she's midair.

DPS and figuring out spell patterns does feel nice, but danmaku's been nerfed to high hell (haha) and movement's still unsatisfying. The restraints on danmaku and flight are jarring and I absolutely hate the lack of a jump button. Bombing's useless since you have a vulnerability period before you get it off and you could use that life for doing more melee DPS instead. In my opinion, not a very good demo.


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The percentage meter, indicates how much water you have accumulated by dashing into the particles. Once it reaches 100%, you will recieve an extra life.

You can hold TAB to speed up the game.

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DPS and figuring out spell patterns does feel nice, but danmaku's been nerfed to high hell (haha) and movement's still unsatisfying. The restraints on danmaku and flight are jarring and I absolutely hate the lack of a jump button. Bombing's useless since you have a vulnerability period before you get it off and you could use that life for doing more melee DPS instead. In my opinion, not a very good demo.

I hate this mentality. I absolutely loathe it. "It's not me that could ever be wrong, it's [other thing's] fault"... while you're trying to play a Japanese game, clearly not understanding Japanese and consequently having no understanding of the game at all. Rather than ask for clarification on game mechanics, you presume you know it all because you did a bit of blind trial-and-error. So, you know, instead of blaming the demo for being bad when you don't understand something, maybe try to understand it rather than writing an authoritative "guide" about how much you don't know.

You even openly profess to know nothing about the water mechanic, despite it being the central mechanic to the game. The "dash" button (which was called graze and not dash for a reason) isn't just used for movement; it nullifies attacks and turns them to water, which you can then collect by grazing them with the same button. Note that you don't have to "dash" with the graze button, either - if you just press or hold it in place without moving, you'll enter a parry stance of sorts. Nullifying attacks and collecting their water is how you restore your hydration metre (which is deplenished by one orb when you take hits or use spellcards,).

If you realised this, then you'd know that bombs aren't useless at all, because if you're playing properly your hydration metre will be maxed out and you'd be wasting the water you're collecting by not using them. But you've been doing the equivalent to mashing buttons at random in a fighting game and spamming continues until it works, and then have the gall to complain that not having infinite resources for dashing (which nullifies attacks...) is "jarring". If there weren't restraints on it, it'd be no different to having infinite bombs in one of the main games.

The complaint about not having a jump button, when two of the three buttons can be used to jump by holding up while pressing them, is also bizarre. Honestly, what a terrible review of the demo.

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Yeah umm i download the game and when i went to play it this popped up, Can the mods please check this out 


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