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East Chemblem ~ 東方ちぇむぶれむ  

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Release Information
Type: TRPG
Developer: ちゆうどう
Publisher: ちゆうどう
Release: 2011 (Reitaisai 8.)
Language: Japanese

Note: other than Japanese locale it seems that the game requires your format to be in Japanese too.


Touhou Chemuburemu (東方ちぇむぶれむ, lit. "EastChemblem") is a Touhou Project fangame released by ちゆうどう (Chiyuudou). Very similar to a Fire Emblem game, most notably Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.

As Chen, you control an army of units, which you must lead to victory. Each character levels up and gains stats, based on random chance. Furthermore, each unit is restricted to use a certain class of items, like bows, swords, axes. Upon class change (reached at lvl 20), they gain the ability to use a second class, different from their main.

All units have their strengths and weakness, which other units can exploit. It is crucial for the player knowing about the differences between classes and items.

The combat system is based on stats, as well on certain advantages or disadvantages such as the weapon triangle or terrain bonuses.


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