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Scarlet Meister

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Release Information
Type: Horizontal Bullet Hell
Developer: ハードカバーは鈍器
Publisher: ハードカバーは鈍器
Release: 2008
Language: Japanese


Scarlet Meister is a horizontally scrolling shooter developed and published by ハードカバーは鈍器 in 2008. The player plays as both Remilia and Sakuya, each of them has their own shot types and the player can switch between the two characters at anytime. Similar to Imperishable Nights, when playing with the character pairs, one character fires when unfocused, while the other switches in and fires when focused. Scarlet Meister features a scoring system which is similar to chain or combo. By destroying large groups or chains of enemies in a short period of time, player can build up scores, hyper attack and additional lives. The game is extremely hard, but the player can use focus, which slows down the player's movement and makes the collision dot visible. Switching character basically is a teleport, and choosing the right time is very important to dodge certain bullet patterns and survive in the game.

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