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Satori no Atorie 2 - Arisu VS Ikari no Desu Danmaku Settai  

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Release Information
Type: Strategy
Developer: コココソフト
Publisher: コココソフト
Release: Comiket 89, on December 30, 2015
Language: Japanese


Satori no Atorie 2 - Arisu VS Ikari no Desu Danmaku Settai, literally translated as "Atelier Satori 2 - Alice VS The Anger of Death Barrage Entertainment", is a simulation strategy game developed by コココソフト. The game follows shortly after the events of the first game after Satori starts her new pudding shop. The gameplay is largely unchanged; the player place different types of dolls, each with their own unique offensive or defensive capabilities, in order to stop a horde of enemies from reaching the shop. The player starts with a limited number of dolls, but in later levels players can purchase upgrades with different offensive and defensive abilities with in-game money. The game is divided into several turns and at higher levels enemies have longer turns, making the challenge even harder.

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Thank you for your upload.

For those who are searching in Japanese, the original title is さとりのアトリエ2 - アリスVS怒りのデス弾幕接待 -

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