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Marisa Matrix  

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Release Information
Type: Bullet Hell
Developer: Y-NRG
Publisher: Y-NRG
Release: 2010
Language: Japanese


Marisa Matrix is a Bullet Hell developed by Y-NRG, a doujin circle previously known for Reincarnation shooter game. The player takes the role of Marisa Kirisame who shoots through available stages using both primary weapon, secondary weapon and an unlimited supply of gravity bombs. The player can use focus which slows down the player's movement, makes the collision box visible, and focuses the player's attack to secondary weapon. To activate gravity bomb, the gravity gauge must reach 100% and player must hold the bomb button until the gauge is emptied. When activated, an explosion damages all on-screen enemies and destroys all on-screen enemy bullets. Each level ends with a boss fight and the game begins with three lives, but the option to continue is not given when all lives are lost.

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