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Remifura Supirittsu 2

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Release Information
Type: Action/Platform
Developer: 悠遊亭
Publisher: 悠遊亭
Release: Comiket 87, on December 29, 2015
Language: Japanese


Remifura Supirittsu 2 is a typical platform game in which the player takes the role of Remilia or Flandre Scarlet who travels through various location with the purpose of rescuing Scarlet Devil mansion's inhabitants. In each level, the player-character fights through various enemies and obstacles before facing a boss at the level's end. Remifura Supirittsu 2 has an increased emphasis on rescuing Touhou characters over the previous title. When a character saved, they will give the player additional bonuses, and both Remilia and Flandre can be equipped with various power-up items earned after rescuing these Touhou characters. Similar to the previous installment, Remifura Supirittsu 2 features local coop. 

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