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Double Focus - Aya to Momiji no Dangan Shuzai Kikou  

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Release Information
Type: Action/Platform
Developer: AQUA STYLE
Publisher: AQUA STYLE
Release: Comiket 87, on December 29, 2014
Language: Japanese


Suddenly, Aya and Momiji are sucked into a mystics book and and they have to find a way out from the unknown world. Double Focus - Aya to Momiji no Dangan Shuzai Kikou (English: Double Focus - Aya and Momiji Bullet Interviews Travelogue) is a platform-adventure game developed by AQUA STYLE, features Aya Shameimaru and Momiji Inubashiri as the protagonists. With a sprawling map, the game uses a non-linear style of gameplay where at the beginning characters can access only certain areas of the map. By obtaining abilities players can gradually explore the map to find secret items and other characters. Aya is a ranged attack character with good speed that can fly; Momiji possesses great strength, and it's good for close combat and can perform wall climbing to reach difficult plaforms. Players can switch characters at any time. 


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^ Sorry, I meant to post this for bullet report, not double focus, but for double focus if I start the game It instantly crashes, I have read the read me, put in the login and stuff, and when I press the button to play it it crashes.

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