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Chiruno Freezer  

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Release Information
Type: Action/Platform
Developer: ZWEi
Publisher: ZWEi
Release: Reitaisai 11, on May 11, 2014
Language: Japanese


Cirno is trying to go to the outside world, but unfortunately her effort failed because there is an invincible barrier created by Marisa. Chiruno Freezer is a two dimensional action platformer starring Cirno, there are six stages and player must reach the exit before the time runs out, by jumping over existing platforms and using enemies as a foothold. Similar to Soul Anchor, for the main stages in the game, falling out of the stage, running out of energy from taking too many hits or allowing the time limit expire merely sends player back to the beginning of the stage without any other repercussions. The boss battles take place after the completion of each stage and player have three chances to defeat them.


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