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Touhou Makukasai - Fantastic Danmaku Festival 1.03 + DLC

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Release Information
Type: 2D Shooting(Others)
Developer: StarX
Publisher: StarX
Release: March 8, 2014
Language: Chinese
Note: Chinese Locale is needed

Playable Characters:  Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya and Patchouli Knowledge.


Touhou Makukasai (original Chinese title: Dōngfāng Mùhuàjì | English: Eastern Curtain Fire Festival) is a Chinese Touhou shooting game developed by StarX, based upon Touhou Koumakyou, but with additional characters and bosses. Touhou Makukasai features four playable characters to choose from; Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Patchouli, each having distinct attack types. Some important gameplay features are very similar to Touhou Kishinjou and Touhou Seirensen where lives and bombs are gained piece by piece. The player requires 5 life pieces to gain an extra life and 5 bomb pieces for an additional bomb. These fragments can be obtained by defeating a lot of enemies at a time. The meter at the bottom left increases as the player destroys enemies and decreases when they don't destroy anything. When the meter is full, a piece of bomb or life will be given and all items will be collected automatically. Also, destroy big fairies or clearing a spellcard without missing will drop a piece as well.


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Umh, hi! I have a problem with the game, every time i try to boot it up it stops working. I have alredy the Chinese Locale, please help me -w-

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Press your windows key Control Panel > Clock, Language, And Region > Change Location > Administrative > Language for non-Unicode programs > Chnage system Locale > Chinese
Then restart your computer

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The game literally won't start up. It shows a buffering logo and then just doesn't load.

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That will sound strange, but i managed somehow starting fdf without chinese locale, but then i slect diffculty and character, the stage wont start it will crash. help?

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