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Release Information
Type: Puzzle, Platform
Developer: 悠遊亭
Publisher: 悠遊亭
Release: Comiket 86, August 17, 2014
Language: Japanese

Shift = Change Character
X = Jump
Z and C = Ability


Alice and Patchouli are suddenly sucked into a magical book. They are now trying to find a way out and the culprit.
The main gameplay involves guiding Alice and Patchouli to the exit by collecting keys before time runs out. The player can select one of five stages within a world. Once they are cleared, the boss of the world becomes available. The stages are populated with obstacles, puzzles and enemies, with the player traversing the stage by running, jumping and use spells. Alice and Patchouli have different abilities required to pass certain obstacles and platforms.
Alice jumps far and uses her dolls to remove or blow up blocks, while Patchouli is proficient in jumping high and using magic.

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