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Release Information
Type: Breakout
Developer: Zun
Publisher: Zun
Release: 1997
Language: English-Patched

Character Information
Playable Characters: 1 (Reimu)
Shot Types: 1
(All your shots can do is change the trajectory of the Yin-Yang Orb and absorb bullets; they can't damage enemies or flip tiles.)

The strength of the seal that keeps demons and other evil creatures from entering Gensokyo via the Hakurei Shrine, which also serves as an entrance to the "outside world" as you and I know it - has been diminishing. Reimu decides to go in of her own volition to see whether the cause is in there, and needs beaten up. (It does.)

Unique Gameplay Mechanics

* The screen never scrolls; this is built in the style of breakout games such as "Arkanoid," featuring a large Yin-Yang Orb that Reimu hits around the screen with her techniques. The Yin-Yang Orb and Bombs (under specific situations) are the only things that can damage enemies. However, you can also be crushed by the orb if you let Reimu get hit by it.
Reimu's Abilities
* Reimu will fire her shot upwards when you hit Z. This shot cannot damage enemies, but it can erase a bullet it hits and change the Yin-Yang Orb's movement when it connects.
* She can also use her gohei for similar, more direct purposes when you hit X while standing still. She will swing her gohei back and forth once, her first swing being stronger than her second (her second swing can't deflect bullets either).
* Combining movement, Z and X can make her do various other tricks, like a Slide Kick (moving + X), a Flip Kick (Slide + X at the end without pressing left or right (or pressing the opposite direction)), and a Shot Barrage (Slide + Z at the end).
* Even the earliest game had a Bomb system, despite how different it is than the rest. You start the game with a single bomb, the amount can't be changed. You can only receive a bomb if Reimu gets hit, but regular tiles can give you a bomb too if you're lucky. To use a bomb, press left, right and Z at the same time, or Z and X twice. Bombs will hit most, if not all, onscreen tiles once, and if the orb comes into contact with Reimu while it is active, the orb will be launched instead. Bombs can only damage bosses if you have no lives left.
* This scorefile provided by GlitchyMissingno.
* Since there are no unlocks in HRtP, this scorefile is basically here exclusively for formality's sake.

Th01 Scorefile (HRtP) [GlitchyMissingno].zip

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This is my least favorite Touhou game in my opinion I hate how you have to keep tapping z when you could of just hold it down.

I'm not here to cause any arguments, just expressing my opinion.

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I'd reccomend using T98 , so far , I've haven't got a problem with it ,  the only one I can think of is that it  lags ( rarely)  and ( I think) you can't change it to full screen. 

 I'll tell you how to use it , however ,  multiple videos could probably  do it better then me. First , download it ( You should be able to do it right?)  Once you've extracted it ( or used WinRaR which I use) . You should scroll down  until you find   a file called ` T98 english`  double click it. You should be  able to find a  image   with black and blue or white and has the word next in it and next , next to it. Ignore the first next    Now ,  make sure you've downloaded  a PC-98  game. Now ,  once you've got your PC-98 game , click the tab  next to the  red box under  the  1  under  HD DRIVE . Okay , then  find your  2hu pc-98 era game.  Once you've got it. You see the buttons on the left? Click the one on the top. Alright , you're ready to go! 

Anyway , I think this will work. Here are the download links for the emulator. 

Edit: This is for the lads who don't know how to use WinRaR.  

Click the link I've put in this message. Press X or press ` Open when done `.

Look up  and you should find a button called ` extract to ` click it and choose where you want the   emulator to be . Alright , that's all

T98 english (1).rar

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