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Touhou 12: Seirensen - Undefined Fantastic Object  

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About This File

Release Information
Type: Bullet Hell
Developer: Team Shanghai Alice
Publisher: Team Shanghai Alice
Release: Comiket 76, on August 15, 2009
Language: English-Patched (ThCrap Self-Updating Standalone)
Silhouette On Cover: Byakuren Hijiri (Final Boss)

Notice: Your anti-virus is going to trigger because ThPatch's translations are injected directly from their site, andwe can't do anything about that because they don't do standalone patches anymore.

Character Information
Playable Characters: 3 (Reimu, Marisa, Sanae)
Shot Types: 2 Each
There's an odd ship flying around up in the sky, and it's rumored to house treasure! Our girls eagerly fly off to investigate, as it's a win-win situation either way - either they get rich, or they discover and stop the scheme of whomever might be on board. For the first time in the series, new shrine maiden Sanae joins the quest, and it's become clear by now she becomes a regular.
Unique Gameplay Mechanics
* Certain enemies with UFO marks above their heads will drop little UFOs when defeated, which then start randomly floating around the screen. Some change colors as they fly around, others don't.
* If you can collect 3 UFOs in a row of the same color, or one of each, doing so summons a large UFO that starts absorbing all onscreen items. If you let it fill itself up to capacity, you get an additional prize on top of what you get for shooting it down! (Don't take too long to destroy it though, or it'll leave, taking anything it absorbed with it - this is especially important for bosses, as UFOs will instantly disappear when a boss entrance is flagged.) In this way, you can pick and choose what you need when you need it!

Red UFO (Extra Lives) (Summoned By 3 Small Red UFOs)
Fill It Up: 1 Life Piece, Score Multiplier (1x or 2x)
Shoot It Down: 1 Life Piece, 1 Small Red UFO

Green UFO (For Bombs) (Summoned By 3 Small Green UFOs)
Fill It Up: 1 Full Bomb, Score Multiplier (2x)
Shoot It Down: 1 Bomb Piece, 1 Small Green UFO

Blue UFO (For Points) (Summoned By 3 Small Blue UFOs)
Fill It Up: Score Multiplier (8x)
Shoot It Down: 1 Small Blue UFO

Flashing UFO (For Special Effects) (Summoned By 1 Small UFO of Each Color)
Fill It Up: 1 Small Flashing UFO, Score Multiplier (4x)
Shoot It Down: 1 Small Flashing UFO, Item Packet Contents Reversed When Returned (Power <-> Point)
* This scorefile was provided by Dark Kijin.
* It has 100% Extra availability, although it's only cleared with Sanae B.
* Game clearance is only half-done, but uniform; both Easy and Normal are done with all characters and shot types.
-> You can help get this scorefile to 100%! If you have a scorefile which improves upon the progress in this existing file, please submit it to us!

Th12 (UFO) Scorefile [Dark Kijin].zip

Steam Release

If you would like to support ZUN, you may buy UFO on Steam here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1100160/Touhou_Seirensen__Undefined_Fantastic_Object/

What's New in Version     See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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the bg music cant seem to load for me even though i keep restarting the game. the sound effects are just fine tho. the volume of the bgm was at the default 100% and yet it wasnt playing at all. any help?

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1 hour ago, Doremy fucking sucks aaaaa said:

the bg music cant seem to load for me even though i keep restarting the game. the sound effects are just fine tho. the volume of the bgm was at the default 100% and yet it wasnt playing at all. any help?

i was playing touhou 11 and this happened again too. what could be going wrong here??? opening touhou 14 was just fine...

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On 7/21/2021 at 11:15 AM, Chrysanthemum said:

so does that mean the unpatched one is safe?

Both versions come up as flagged on virustotal, most touhou games will come up as flagged, The game should be fine, I've downloaded most of the mainline touhou games and opened them (including 12) (all from this site) and my computer hasn't had any problems with them, If on the virustotal sheet, the antivirus you use usually, says this file is malicious then just skip this game, but usually if virustotal says 1-3 flagged file as malicious it's most likely a false positive, also check the community score if it's green then that's more proof it's a false positive if red, then it's probably dangerous (this game shows up as majority green)

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For anyone that's scrolling through the comments thinking it's a virus or malicious: it's not.
Virustotal flags almost every touhou game on here as malicious but it's totally fine
if you click on the virustotal link and it gives you 1-3 detections it's fine, but anything above that is worrying

(if your computer is having problems after downloading do a virus scan to check)

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i keep getting this error and i cant play with the english translation. This error doesn't affect EoSD, but it DOES affect Subterranean Animism, though I have not tested any other game yet. Please reply if you know what the hell is wrong. Edit: The 2nd photo is what happens if I click ok.

touhou fail.PNG

touhou fail p2.PNG

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Hi is there a way to run the game at this time and day? I get the error of "game's execution file in dll injection failed" message in japanese, or system error of "the code cannot continue to be executed, as the object of d3dx9_40.dll was not found" in my operating system language, I suppose they both adress the same issue. Is it because the download torrent is dead by now, or is it something to be fixed?
I really hope its the latter, the first time I tried to download UFO was when I was a young teen and I accidentally downloaded a trojan virus off a chinese website, all in chinese. It was lovely having to clean it up and there was not game in the zip also.

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Is there a way I can play the english patch without it having some error about d3dx9_40.dll?? Unpatched version feels really suspicious to me but if it's safe then I'll play it ig


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On 4/8/2022 at 2:24 AM, laluv said:

Hey guys, the pain is over!

I just found a page in archive.org that contains every single touhou game(mainstreams, spin-offs, PC-98)(UM and 17.5 are not included).

All the games are patched with THCRAP


Here's the link: https://archive.org/details/touhouassociatedgamecollect



the pain resumes because the internet archive removed it. good thing it's also both on steam and this forums.

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Hello, can I get a reupload for this game; at least a link provides that game malware-free. Thank you!

I found it, thanks!

Edited by ffft
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