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Touhou 10.5: Hisouten - Scarlet Weather Rhapsody  

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About This File

Release Information
Type: Fighting
Developer: Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier
Publisher:  Team Shanghai Alice & Tasogare Frontier
Release: Reitaisai 5, on May 28, 2008
Language: English-Patched (Gensokyo.org 1.1)
Silhouette On Cover: Tenshi Hinanawi (Final Boss)

Character Information
Playable Characters: 15
(Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Alice, Remilia, Youmu, Yuyuko, Reisen, Aya, Yukari, Patchouli, Suika, Komachi, Iku, Tenshi)
An earthquake has flattened the Hakurei Shrine. However, even more unusual than that, strange and unseasonable weather has literally been following our girls around - for example, wherever Reimu goes, it's sunny; where Marisa goes, it drizzles - the list goes on. This afflicts all the initially playable girls on the roster (13), who investigate the incident.
Unique Gameplay Mechanics
Spell Card Deck
* No, you're right, this is a fighting game, but your moveset is, in part, determined by a new addition called the Spell Card Deck system, which is also used in Hisoutensoku.
* You can have 1 deck per character (4 in Hisoutensoku), consistent of 20 cards, and these are customizable in your profile on the Options menu. Craft your decks any way you want.
* As you fight, your character will automatically draw from the selected deck. There are 3 kinds of cards, signified by their border color:
-> Spell Cards (Yellow) perform the girl's Spell Card magic, in a style most fighting game players would call a Super.
-> Skill Cards (Gray) enhance or change the girls' standard directional-button moves for more power or versatility.
-> System Cards (Red) perform special functions, such as changing the weather, or gaining immunity from attacks.

* Weather conditions (which are character-related in Story Mode, but are randomly generated in all multiplayer matches) each have a specific effect on gameplay. Some enhance or restrict certain kinds of attacks, where others may have more unusual effects, such as making it harder to move in particular directions or changing the distance between the combatants randomly. Knowing your attack options is always good, but being able to improvise when the weather changes could be the difference between victory or defeat.
* This scorefile was acquired from Koumakan.jp, and is essentially the quasi-official scorefile used for unlocks.
* It unlocks Iku and Tenshi.
* It also provides 4 copies of every card in the game so you can build decks more easily.

Th10.5 (SWR) Scorefile [Koumakan.jp].zip

What's New in Version     See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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