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Release Information
Type: RPG
Developer: Fancy Frontier 13
Publisher: Fancy Frontier 13
Release: 2009
Language: English-Patched

Gacha Figurines: 45
Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Aya, Sanae, Mima, Iku, Tenshi, Suika, Komachi, Sanae, Kanako, Suwako, Nitori, Hina, Yuugi, Rin, Utsuho, Satori, Koishi, Yuka, Sikieiki, Remilia, Flandre, Patchouli, Meiling, Keine, Mokou, Eirin, Kaguya, Reisen, Youmu, Yuyuko, Yukari, Alice, Ran, Chen, Ichirin, Minamitsu, Shinki, Byakuren, Shou, Nazrin, Kogasa, Nue.
Touhou Pocket Wars Evo CharaGraph Set (included in download)
Like the artwork in TPWE, and have "Labyrinth of Touhou"? Take the CharaGraph avatar set for it!


Evo Plus?:  Evo is the sequel to the original Touhou Pocket Wars; this Plus version allows you to acquire figurines of the UFO characters after clearing the main game.

Plot Point:  You are an otaku who in their spare time collects Gacha figurines.  These have attributes and can be entered into matches with others who also own some figurines.  One day, it seems your love for the Gensokyo girls enables you to end up visiting Gensokyo, using your Gachas to help them figure out some problems.

How It Works:  This is a point-and-click game.  You work a part-time job in this visual novel-ish game in order to make money to pay for your figurines (you don't actually perform the job like in "Fable;" you just click "Part-Time Work" and you make money).  This allows you to go buy your figurines and some spell cards for them; new character sets become available later in the game.  You can also enter into matches in order to earn Love (experience) which you use to level up your Gachas.  Your case initially holds only 8 figurines, but you can buy 8-slot extensions.  If you want certain figurines and/or to level up your spell cards to level 10, you'll be spending a LOT of money on the machines, hoping they randomly give you something you want, tossing all the stuff you don't want.

Other Notes:  If you're winning appropriate-rank matches, you'll get enough Love to level up each of the Gachas involved around 18-21 times per match.  This seems fast because the level cap is 500, which you'll need to reach by the time you meet the final boss.

Extra Notes:  Once you do get to Gensokyo, you'll be able to start interacting with the girls; this enables you to reform your Gachas if you win special matches (your Gacha will restart from Level 1, but with better stats than last time around).  This is mandatory if you want to clear some of the after-game bonus content.  In other words, the main game is easy enough to beat by assuring your main case or two of Gachas is level 500, but clearing the bonus content requires as much grinding as Labyrinth of Touhou's bonuses.
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