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Touhou Puppet Dance Performance  

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Release Information
Type: RPG 
Developer: FocasLens
Publisher: FocasLens
Release: ???
Language: English Patched

Keyboard Controls 

Arrow keys - Movement
(Z) - Select
(X) - Cancel
(C) - Swap Items
(A/D) - Navigate Menu left/right
(S/Space) - Open Menu

Gamepad Controls

Direction Pad - Movement
(A) - Select
(B) - Cancel
(X) - Swap Items
(L/R) - Navigate Menu left/right
(Y/Start) - Open Menu



Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (TPDP) starts off with the player character being transported to Gensokyo through unknown circumstances by Yukari. Seemingly there to help solve an incident that occured recently that involves mysterious puppets that seemingly came out of nowhere. These puppets represent all of the maidens of Gensokyo, and its up to the player to solve the incident whilst finding a way back home.


Plays heavy similar to Pokemon. If you've ever played Pokemon, you'll quickly grasp this game. A few key differences though.

  • All the "IV" stats are now shown through Ranks (C-S+)
  • "EV" stats, movesets, and even abilities can be changed on the
    dime using the PP that puppets receive throughout each fight.
  • All "HMs" are replaced by key items that serve the same purpose.
  • Puppets are caught through something called soul threads, these
    require you to set, then KO the puppet to catch them. Completely
    opposite to Pokemon.
  • A whole new type table (See "Other Sources" for info on how to see this
    type table)

Other Sources:

A good site for extra helpful information on TPDP is of course, the TPDP wiki. Link here. Here you can view the puppet dex, type table, abilities, and even the locations for the puppets.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Fantastic experience! It plays much like a Pokemon game, but with enough differences and improvements to stand on its own. The story is simple but sweet; the gameplay is very solid, the art style is beautiful and too damn cute, and the music is well-composed and remixed (you'll probably recognize several of your favourite Touhou tracks among the songs here). While it seems a carbon copy of any given Pokemon ROM hack, it manages to stand on its own thanks to how it handles some mechanics differently from its inspiration series.

Notably, almost everything in the mechanics is geared towards ease of use and understanding. Much like in Pokemon, your Puppets have Individual Values (IVs; here, they are ranked from E- to S, from worst to best) and Effort Values (internal boost points gained from defeating other Puppets), as well as an Emblem (a boost to one particular stat, represented by a color, and the boosted stat's number becomes blue in the Puppet's profile). Unlike Pokemon, however, both IV and EV stats are not hidden. There's no guesswork, as the game directly shows you how good or bad each Puppet's stat growth is (from E- to S), and EVs become simply a pool of points (PP) used to enhance stats (you pick which stats to boost, although there's a limit and you can't reset allocated points until well later on), learn skills (which is not automatic, and once learned, skills are never forgotten, instead simply returning to the list of available skills), change Natures (whose effects are explained upfront and can be changed at will on the menu) and change Styles (the equivalent of evolution; changing Style is permanent, and massively boosts the Puppet's stats according to the Style; all Puppets start at Normal, and can change to one out of two Styles available to them once they reach lv.30; there's absolutely no benefit in leaving a Puppet in Normal Style, so "evolve" as soon as possible). The game tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the Puppets' stats, so organizing and optimizing your team is MUCH easier than standard Pokemon games. Your "starter" Puppet is decided at the beginning, and you can pick ANY given character in the entire game, so you're free to go for your favourite; it will always come with very high IVs (A+ rank) in all stats, too.

Combat also has its improvements; attacks are divided in Focus Skills and Spread Skills (difference in name only from Physical and Special Attacks in Pokemon games), as well as support/status Skills. Again, no memorizing is needed; whenever an attack is launched, the Skill's type defines the color of the font text in the combat's "narration", as well as in the menus. Red font means it's a Focus Skill, blue means it's a Spread Skill, and black means it's a support or status-inducing Skill. They scale off of the Puppet's Focus Attack and Spread Attack values, respectively and obviously, and since the game shows each Skill's type and each Puppet's stat growth, figuring out whether your Puppet's stats are fit for its role or not (since learned Skills are fixed, you'll know that a Focus attacker with low F.Atk growth and the Black emblem, which raises S.Atk, is not a good choice, for example). This may cause a slight paranoia, since you can waste some time trying to capture a Puppet with ideal IVs related to its strengths and a good-matching Emblem, but it gives you clarity on how to build a team.

The game has a few problems, however. First, there's no area map, and some areas are far bigger than you'd expect (such as the very confusing Forest of Magic), with not as many landmarks as they could have, to prevent players from getting too lost, so you'll have to do a bit of running around to find your way, especially if you want to find every item in the map (however, a player actually made hand-drawn maps of each area, and they're available online!). Second, the fact that you're made aware of each Puppet's stats means you'll run into the problem of having to catch several repeated Puppets if they come with ill-fitting stats (which is a bit of a concern, since the game is fairly hard), although the game has a Reincarnation system which allows you to reset a Puppet back to lv.1 while resetting allocated PP on stats and rerolling its IV stats and Emblem based on two other Puppets participating (the game's "breeding" system equivalent, although there are no compatibility limitations, allowing Puppets with weak-ranked IVs to "clone" stats from Puppets with S-ranked stuff), but it's only available after you beat the main storyline, and obviously raises the need to train the Puppet all the way up again if they were of a high level. Third, the elemental system is not directly based on Pokemon and features different type interactions, meaning you can't rely too much on intuition, and the game itself never properly explains or offers a type chart/table so you'll know what is more effective against what, meaning you'll have to open the PDP wikia and keep the type chart at hand in case of doubt.

However, these problems do not overshadow the qualities of the game, and the improvement to the mechanics vastly compensate for these issues. It's a game with a lot to see, a lot to do, that will give you dozens of hours of gameplay and a very fun trip through Gensokyo, meeting and battling villagers, youkai, and several Touhou characters (which do have a Puppet of themselves, of course!), and it even offers an online mode to battle your friends through different rules (Free Battle, where anything goes; See 6/Pick 6, where you see your opponent's team before fighting, and you battle using your whole team, but can't bring duplicate Puppets even of different Styles; and See 6/Pick 3, where you can only take 3 of your 6 Puppets after seeing the opponent's 6, creating surprising counter-pick battles). Overall, if you're a fan of Pokemon games and Touhou (what are you doing here if you're not?), this is a must play; if you enjoy RPG games, even if you've never played Pokemon, no worries! This is still a good pick, albeit one that will be quite challenging.

Here's hoping that we eventually get a full translation of the game's expansion, Shard of Dreams!

Final Score: 9/10

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Unfortunately, it appears it won't allow me to download it.

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Great game with a good story. Gameplay was solid, but I would suggest an in-game type advantage guide as most would have to do more research than people normally would want to do to even find out what types are a good idea. If there already is one, then maybe make it a little more visible. If it is visible already, then I'll have to get my eyes checked. I liked the small but unique touches to the gameplay such as being unable to switch 2hus after defeating another 2hu, and also how capturing works. Music was also great and very fitting to the game. I would definitely recommend this game.

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Great Game that requires a lot of planning and im glad it allow's you to pick your own starter right at the start so you can main your most loving character ^-^

however as the game goes on it quite a challenge

so farming is requred

but any Pokemon Touhou fans i would recommend this game

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Un juego para  pasar las vacaiones progresando sí te gustan las largas historias :P


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