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Seihou 1: Shuusou Gyoku

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About This File

Release Information
Type: Vertical Bullet Hell Shooter
Developer: Amusement Makers
Publisher: Amusement Makers
Release: 2000
Language: Japanese

Default Controls
The Arrow Keys move the character around
Z: causes a short barrage of shots to be fired; it may be held down for rapidfire
X: releases a bomb, presuming that any are left in the inventory
Shift: slows the character's movement and focuses their shots into a tighter area
Esc: pauses the game and brings you to the in-game menu
Ctrl: fast-forwards through any dialogue


Plot Point: VIVIT is a robot maid from a post-apocalyptic Earth that has since rebuilt with Saboten Energy. Her master sends her out on an errand, and she is attacked for seemingly no reason. After reaching her master, she learns that his daughter needs to be saved, and that VIVIT is the only one who can save her. 
How It Works: Shuusou Gyoku is a standard danmaku game, although with VERY fast bullets. It does not run correctly on Windows 7 or XP (it requires Windows NT 4/2000 compatibility). There are 4 difficulties, 6 stages, with an Extra featuring Reimu and Marisa (Dichromatic Lotus Butterfly and Magus Ball), and 3 shot types. Stars are in place of point items. Graze and bombs are present in this game.

What's New in Version 05/28/2020 03:22 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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why is it that both seihou games don't have their files?

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@Victim Lots of our downloads are currently gone and we're currently reuploading the missing files. It'll take a bit until everything is back though

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Awww. i cant download this game because this file is Missing. Can you fix it ?? =(

  • Youmu Stare 1

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