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Release Information
Type: Single-Screen Beat-'Em-Up
Developer: Lion Heart
Publisher: Lion Heart
Release: Comiket 76, August 15, 2009
Version: 1.21
(Includes Training & Desperate Mode)
Language: English
(Well, everywhere you really need it.)

Character Information

Playable Characters: 3
(Alice, Marisa, Patchouli - you pick a pair)


Concept:  Each area is a single screen with some platforms and monsters; defeating everything clears the stage.  There are five chapters, consisting of 5 stages each, complete with a boss fight as the final stage of each chapter.
How It Works: You choose a pair of girls to play as, and control both.  You start off in control of the girl you picked first (called your "master") but you can switch with your other character (called your "slave") anytime you want.  Both girls have their own independent HP gauges, but share their CP and the SP gauge.  Your Chain Points (CP) are used to swap girls and for directional button special moves, and recharge themselves after you don't do either for a bit.  Your max CP is extended by 1 for each boss you defeat.  Your SP can be used to use spell cards, or resurrect a dead partner (First Aid).
Advanced Strategy

Slave Orders
By default, your Slave's function is set to "follow," where they follow you closely so you can swap easily.  However, if you hold Down and hit [Swap], you change the order to "ambush," where the Slave stays put until you swap or change the order back, allowing you to use advanced tactics to backstab enemies, or bat them back and forth for huge damage.  Slaves waiting patiently under ambush orders regenerate HP.

First Aid
It's hard to do without your partner.  If they should perish in battle, you can stand over their body and hold Down and hit [Spell Card] to sacrifice one spell card to resurrect your partner.

You can use Training on any non-boss stage; when choosing a stage, hit [Swap] instead of [Attack] to confirm.  In Training, enemies don't move or attack, and you can practice all you want; just pause and exit when done.  Please note that if you try to use Training Mode on a boss stage, it will crash the game.

Boss Rush
If you've earned the True End on any difficulty for a pairing (by beating the Secret Chapter), you earn the right to attempt the Boss Rush with that pairing for that difficulty; when selecting your stage, hit left from 1-1 to highlight and choose Boss Rush.

Desperate Mode
If you manage to get the True End on Lunatic with a pairing, you earn a fifth ridiculously hard difficulty setting for that pairing called Desperate Mode, which will be found under the selection for Lunatic difficulty.

What's New in Version     See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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6 minutes ago, Xziled said:

First link is not working.

Dunno if it's important, I guess it's the first version.

That was just a mirror link for the same file

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