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Gensokyo no Nazo  

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Release Information
Type: 2D - Action/Platformer
Developer: 激辛spice
Publisher: 激辛spice
Release: Comiket 82, August 12, 2012
Language: Japanese
Number of Players: 2

Default Controls
Z: Melee Attack (Hold for Charge Attack)
X: Jump
?: Shoot (Can hold up/down for aiming/new attacks)
A: Character Select Menu

Red: Increases the max HP for the character who picked it up by +10. Flashing Red: Increases the max HP of your entire present roster by +5.
Blue: Increases the max SP for the character who picked it up by +10. Flashing Blue: Increases the max SP of your entire present roster by +5.
Green: Increases the special ability of the character who picked it up. For example:
* Jump Height: Daiyousei, Suwako, Tewi
* Sight in the Dark: Rumia

Some special abilities that don't require picking up any green orbs:
* Walking on Clouds: Aya
* Stage-Warping Power: Yukari

A Note on Progression
There are 200 areas in the "normal game;" the formal game ends when you beat the boss inhabiting area 200. Thus, the areas 201+ are considered the post-game content (along with some of the other areas around 100ish).


Plot Point: No idea, honestly. Not that this game has any actual talking in it. Well, maybe not "no idea". Far's we can tell, mysterious doors have appeared all around Gensokyo, and Marisa & Reimu go check it out.  This game is based upon another game known as Atlantis no Nazo (The Mystery of Atlantis).

How It Works: You explore the various doors; the number indicates what area it is.  Higher numbers are meant to be cleared later, of course.  As you find other characters, you'll fight them as bosses, and when you defeat them, they join your ever-increasing team, up to 25 members!  Each character has different abilities, including the size of their hitbox or jump height, so make sure you try out each character when you earn them so you can see what they're capable of.  Upon defeating bosses, you also get a Full Power powerup that brings all your dead characters back to life and restores everyone to full.

Spirit Points: The blue gauge under your HP gauge is your Spirit Points (SP) (sometimes known as Danmaku Points, or "DP"); this gauge depletes as you continually fire danmaku, and refills slowly when you're not firing, though picking up blue spirit pickups will refill it faster.

Treasure & 1-Ups: Throughout the game, you'll find treasure chests containing various amounts of Points.  Collecting enough gives you a 1-Up, which is important: your starting supply of extra lives is pretty small, and you use the extra lives you acquire as resurrection items (highlight a dead character and hit confirm to resurrect them).
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