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东方光耀夜 ~ Lost Branch of Legend 1.3.14

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Release Information

Type: RPG
Developer: Alioth Studio
Publisher: Alioth Studio
Release: 18 August 2022
Language: English


Welcome to Eientei, combine multiple colors of mana to build your ideal deck, duel with gensokyo girls, and chase back the mysterious moon treasure. Also, enjoy the unpredictable Roguelike with fantasy Danmaku!
The Princess of the Moon, Kaguya Houraisan, held the Moon Manifestation exhibition was ransacked by thieves. It is time to move to solve the mutation and recover the precious exhibits of the moon.
Lost Branch of Legend is a turn-based deck-building game that combines Rogue-like, collecting different cards and exhibits on the adventure.
During the course of the game, powerful exhibits will provide you with permanent mana, please make careful choices, the color distribution of mana will profoundly change the style of the deck.

Playable Characters

Hakurei Reimu:The miko of Hakurei Shrine, who makes an appearance at every event.
If I can also get the Treasure of the Month, won't I have to worry about the incense money and worshippers this year.

Reimu is good at operating red and white mana.
Both offensive and defensive, as good at solving incedent, such small incidents does not give her much difficulty.

Kirisame Marisa:An ordinary human magician resides in the Forest of Magic, item collector.
The treasure of the moon is certainly tempting, but for her, she has the desire to collect treasures of any quality, and this event will naturally not be absent from her figure.

Marisa is good at operating black and red mana.
Brew potions, build up power and unleash a magnificent strike to finish your opponent, there is no opponent that cannot be finished by high firepower.

Izayoi Sakuya:Scarlet Devil Mansion's perfect maid, serving the capricious demon.
Where there is an event there she is, unexpectedly belligerent character.

Sakuya good at operating white and blue mana.
Throw knives, stop time and welcome your opponent to your silver WORLD.

And More

- 5 playable characters, each with 2 base decks.- Over 100 exhibits.
- Over 300 cards.


Steam Link:


What's New in Version 1.3.14   See changelog


The game has been updated to the newest version available.

User Feedback

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when I try running the game it keeps saying that Unityplayer.dll was not found but it's in the folder please help.

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Can any kind soul update to 1.3.16 . The new update finally implements achievements and brings a new event :Toyosatomimi no Miko: Make Spell Cards Great Again.

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I got this and beat the game with every character and deck. Nvm hard and insane mode, this game is hard enough


10/10 game no viruses

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