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  1. Release Information
    Type: Sports 
    Developer: はちみつくまさん
    Publisher: はちみつくまさん
    Release: Comiket 71, on December 31, 2006
    Language: English
    The plot of Touhou Soccer Moushuuden focuses on Maribel who suddenly approaches Reimu, Marisa, and Meiling. Maribel is searching for her missing friend, but the more interesting she is holding a mysterious soccer ball. As a soccer game, the objective of each game is to score more goals than opponent within the allotted time, which is usually 2 halves of 30 in-game minutes each. Touhou Soccer Moushuuden is a stand-alone expasion to original game and it includes Main Scenario mode and adds sub-scenarios. The additional game modes are; Travel Mode, is a 25-game marathon mode focused on building custom team by purchasing items and players; All-Star Mode, is a friendly matches against the computer or another human player with special techniques, characters and teams as rewards. 
    4,202 14
  2. Release Information
    Type: Puzzle Game
    Developer: ですのや☆
    Publisher: ですのや☆
    Release: Reitaisai 9, on May 27, 2012
    Language: English

    Marisa once again invites Alice to go with her to the library in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. However, Patchouli Knowledge has teamed up with Nitori Kawashiro to build a Trap Tower inside. Now Marisa and Arisa must work together in order to collect the books and reach the goal. Marisa to Arisu no Torapputawa, literally translated as Marisa and Alice in Trap Tower is the sequel to Desunoya's earlier puzzle game "Mariari." The game objective is to help Marisa and Alice escape from tower library by using their teamwork. Unlike the predecessor, now player must control both characters at once and solve different tasks. Each stages consists of sub-levels with various enemies and treasure chests.
    384 0
  3. Release Information
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Developer: INSIDE SYSTEM
    Publisher: INSIDE SYSTEM
    Release: Reitaisai 10, May 26, 2013
    Language: Japanese


    The player controls one of a Yukari avatar and the game involves a mini game battle between another characters who are also Yukari one by one without any form of stage. There are 117 Yukari and the player attempting to increase their Yukari's attributes which include appeal, temptation and sexy(?) by defeating other Yukari as much as possible.
    375 6
  4. Release Information
    Type: Mahjong Game
    Developer: Y-Cubed
    Publisher: Y-Cubed
    Release: Reitasai 6, on March 8, 2009
    Language: Japanese

    Recently, many youkais take money from residents and Reimu wants to overcome this problem by collecting money from playing mahjong with her friends. Min'na de Azuma ☆ ban ☆ Suzume! - Reimu to Yukaina!? Nakama-tachi (English: Everyone in the East ☆ It's a Board Time! - Reimu is Pleasant!? Friend) is a mahjong game with Touhou characters, settings, and music, it uses standard mahjong rules with the basic goal is to be the first player to get a hand composed of four sets and a pair. The first player to reach this goal wins the hand. Each character can use spells to create an attack and or effects, for example; some spells will give the player a random tile while others will give one tile required to win.
    167 0
  5. Release Information
    Type: Board Game
    Developer: しるふ・わーくす
    Publisher: しるふ・わーくす
    Release: Comiket 82, on August 11, 2012
    Language: Japanese

    Touhou Chichin Matsuri Justice, literally translated as Eastern Groundbreaking Festival Justice, is a board game developed by しるふ・わーくす and the second game in series. Touhou Chichin Matsuri Justice plays almost identical to classic monopoly board game. Players travel around the game board buying, selling and renting properties based on monopoly rules with the goal being to drive them all into bankruptcy leaving one monopolist in control of the entire land. In Touhou Chichin Matsuri Justice the land that has been taken to other players can be seized by others with different ways, setting up the potential for profits and deals disadvantages to opponents. The game features four new additional characters; Alice, Cirno, Flandre and Nitori.
    209 0
  6. Release Information
    Type: Horror
    Developer: 3rd eye project
    Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. / UNTIES
    Release: 30 sep 2019
    Language: English

    A 2D exploration/horror game starring the Touhou Project's Koishi Komeiji. Use her Third Eye to explore a mental world entirely unlike reality.
    "This is an irreversible experience. You can't unlearn it."
    A 2D exploration/horror game starring the Touhou Project's Koishi Komeiji.
    Use her Third Eye to explore a mental world entirely unlike reality.

    Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can:
    1,161 0
  7. Release Information
    Type: Mahjong Game
    Developer:  illuCalab 
    Publisher:  illuCalab 
    Release: Comiket 78, on August 17, 2010
    Language: Japanese

    In the summer, after a great festival at the Hakurei Shrine, Yukari Yakumo persuades Reimu to form a team and challenge other girls in a mahjong tournament. Touhou Juunana Po, literally translated as Eastern Seventeen Steps, also known as Touhou Landmine Mahjong, is a turn based mahjong battle game developed by illuCalab. The game features ten pairs of characters and applies slightly different rules where victory is determined by discarded tiles by both players or when one of player has dealt 17 tiles. When playing with the character pairs, each character has different spells that can be selected before the match where each spell can affect status and tiles. 
    260 1
  8. Release Information
    Type: Mahjong Game
    Developer: YOU!YOU!YOU!
    Publisher: YOU!YOU!YOU!
    Release: Comiket 79, 2010
    Language: Japanese

    Touhou Jankitan tells the adventure of Reimu and Marisa in investigating an endless night in Gensokyo. Now the player will not play alone because they will form a team of two characters against another group in a classic mahjong game. The game is actually optimized for Windows XP, but runs fine for Vista and 7. Featuring 11 Touhou girls (plus 4 hidden) and "Mahjong for beginner" mode for easier gameplay.
    375 0
  9. Release Information
    Type: Tower Defense
    Developer: にじいろひつじ
    Publisher: にじいろひつじ
    Release: Comiket 86, on August 16, 2014
    Language: Japanese

    The hitodamas are in danger, therefore Rinnosuke and Marisa work together to protect them from looters. Touhou Danmaku Bouei, literally translated as Eastern Defense Bullet, is a strategy and tower defense game developed by にじいろひつじ (who's previously known for Touhou Explorer and Touhou Hack and Slash). The goal of the game is try to stop enemies who try to rob the hitodamas - meaning "human soul" - by placing golems to slow them down which shoot at them as they pass. Since more and more enemies attack in higher levels, the choice and positioning of the golems is essential. There are 22 levels, all are been unlocked from the beginning and the player can freely choose which one to complete first. 
    322 0
  10. Release Information
    Type: Action/Platform
    Developer: トッパツプラン
    Publisher: トッパツプラン
    Release: Comiket 76, 2009
    Language: Japanese

    Touhou Dai Undoukai Hakurei Dai Rantou Rehearsal, also known as Touhou Rehearsal or Touhou Athletic, is the very first action brawling game developed by Top Arts Plan which was released at Comiket 76, 2009. The basic gameplay is in the same style of the Kunio-kun series, particularly Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku (PC Engine, 1990) where the player competes against other teams in racing and fighting. Players can choose five characters and up to four players can participate. The game sequel named "Meddlesome Magician" was released on 2010, with more characters and stages.
    282 0
  11. Release Information
    Type: Management Sim
    Developer: Masakami Nature Reserve
    Publisher: DLsite
    Release: 20 nov 2019
    Language: English


    A Touhou novel-style management simulation.
    Enjoy the comical interactions between Marisa and her friends, as you earn money to pay back your loan.
    - Your first goal is to earn 50,000 yen in the first year, and if you fail, it’s game over.
    - Develop new products, expand the store, and run promotions to bring in the money.
    - Fight youkai who come to raid the store in turn-based battles.
    Kirisame Magic Shop is hidden deep in the forests of Gensokyo.
    It’s so remote, in fact, that there aren’t any customers.
    Just as Marisa is despairing over her lack of sales, self-proclaimed management consultant Yukari Yakumo appears.
    Cirno is added to the team as head of HR, and Marisa sets her sights on rebuilding Kirisame Magic Shop.

    Please support the devs by buying the game on Steam if you can:
    822 0
  12. Release Information
    Type: Board Game
    Developer: しるふ・わーくす
    Publisher: しるふ・わーくす
    Release: Comiket 81, on December 30, 2011
    Language: Japanese

    Touhou Chichin Matsuri - Quelling of Lotus Realm is basically another board game based on Monopoly franchise. Just like the original version, the purpose of the game is eliminating all opponents out of the board by seizing their lands or blocks. The game will adjust the original rules with Touhou concept (money will be replaced by mana, spells are removed, etc). Player who survive until the end of the game with the largest lands will be declared as the winner. As token representatives, four girls with different abilities are selectable: Reimu, Sanae, Aya and Sakuya. Before playing, setting your PC language into Japanese locale is strongly recommended.
    257 0
  13. Release Information
    Type: Puzzle Game
    Developer: ですのや☆
    Publisher: ですのや☆
    Release: Reitaisai 5, on May 25, 2008
    Language: Japanese, English
    Patchouli had cursed Alice! Marisa's hat can't be taken off of Alice's head and now the two must work together to break the curse. Marisa to Arisu (English: Marisa and Alice), also known as Mariari, is a doujin puzzle game based upon Mario & Wario, a 1993 side-scrolling puzzle game developed by Game Freak for the Super Famicom console. Player use Shanghai dolls to break blocks, while at the same time collecting gold stars to unlock boss stages. The game main goal is to guide a blind Alice through each level, which consist of various obstacles and traps to Marisa. The player must also complete each level within a specified time limit.
    261 0
  14. Release Information
    Type: Board Game
    Developer: 春夏冬中
    Publisher: 春夏冬中
    Release:  Comiket 82 on August 12, 2012
    Language: Japanese

    Marisa Party is a Japanese board game similar to Sugoroku or western Snake and Ladders featuring six characters; Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Reisen, Youmu and Sanae. The object of the game is to navigate the character according to die rolls, from the start to finish helped by items or mini games - if the player manages to win - and hindered by other characters. The game is a simple race contest with three different locations based on the game; Koumakyou, Youyoumu and Eiyashou. The mini games available at each locations are also different from each other. 
    364 1
  15. Release Information
    Type: Simulation 
    Developer: Saikoro Club Network
    Publisher: Saikoro Club Network
    Release: Comiket 76, on August 15, 2009
    Language: Japanese
    Having hit by financial problems, Eientei now facing great crisis and Kaguya must solve this problem. 

    The game's gameplay focuses on trading/bartering goods, resources, or items for a profit. The game's story is presented through text dialog and two-dimensional sprites, akin to a visual novel, and the player plays the role as a merchant while the process of trade is conducted manually with nine characters in normal mode. Each character has different behaviour and different preferred items which must be memorized by player to achieve succesful trading. Successfully completing the game unlocks Extra Modes which restarts the game and allows the player to play with the addition of two new characters.
    178 0
  16. Release Information
    Type: Music, Rhythm Game
    Developer: Sweet Lapine, Conasuguri 
    Publisher: Sweet Lapine, Conasuguri 
    Release: Reitaisai 8, on May 8, 2011
    Language: Japanese
    Konagusuri no Tatsujin is a rhythm Game created by doujin circle Sweet Lapine using songs taken from several Conagusuri's album such as Touhou Bannou Nomigusuri, Touhou Shinmayaku, Touhou Koukayaku and Touhou Taimayaku. There are five songs with four difficulty levels; easy, normal, hard and lunatic.
    350 0
  17. Release Information
    Type: Rhythm Game
    Developer: Sweet Lapine, Conasuguri
    Publisher: Sweet Lapine
    Release: Reitaisai 8, on May 8, 2011
    Language: Japanese

    Suit Crumble is the second rhythm Game created by doujin circle Sweet Lapine using songs taken from ChiruMilCirno (Touhou Taimayaku, Reitaisai 6) and Cheer's Floor. Similar to Conagusuri no Tatsujin, the main objective of the game is to clear the spirit gauge by playing song's rhythm in order to earn points. Players must press the appropriate button in the right position and a song is cleared when the gauge is filled enough. There are two songs with four difficulty levels; easy, normal, hard and lunatic.

    The game's .exe triggers a false positive on my antivirus and i can't seem to get rid of it unlike with some others.
    198 0
  18. Release Information
    Type: Flash Game
    Developer: 迷走ポタージュ
    Publisher: 迷走ポタージュ
    Release: Reitaisai 5, May 25, 2008
    Language: Japanese, partial English

    Touhou Eisharoku (English: Eastern Projection Book) is a flash works collection developed by 迷走ポタージュ, and consists of five flash videos produced by several indie composer: dBu music, Silver Forest, COOL&CREATE, IOSYS and Keigo. Touhou Eisharoku also incorporates Spell Typing Carnival, a typing game where player takes the role of Hakurei Reimu and must quickly type letters, words and phrases in order to defeat the bosses. There are 16 spell cards and can be earned if the player does not use a bomb or die during any particular attack.
    332 0
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