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Tools and files regarding the usage of Touhou will be posted here.

3 files

  1. Touhou Animated Cursor Pack

    So I decided to share some of my Touhou animated cursors that I've been using lately with you guys, since most likely their original sources will be gone after some years like some already did. Have fun!

    Also, I do not own anything, I just made a pack with a bunch of cursors that some artists from NicoNicoDouga and Pixiv have made
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  2. Bad Apple! Screensaver

    Release Information
    Type: PV
    PV Creator: Anira (あにら)
    Date of Release: October 27, 2009
    Screensaver Release Information
    * Only two resolutions
    * Can set it to play any music
    * Can set quality
    Microsoft .NET 4 Framework


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  3. Touhou Desktop Pets

    Girls Ready to Check Out Your Desktop (28)
    Alice, Byakuren, Cirno, Flandre, Kanako, Keine, Kogasa, Koishi, Letty, Marisa, Meiling, Mokou, Mystia, Nitori, Patchouli, Reimu, Reisen, Remilia, Sakuya, Sanae, Satori, Suika, Suwako, Tewi, Youmu, Yuka, Yukari, Yuyuko

    Explanation of Config
    TouhouWiki page for TDP

    Want to Watch for New Pets?
    Page they're released on
    Recently updated to version 3.  The five new girls are:
    * Satori Komeiji
    * Mystia Lorelei
    * Kogasa Tatara
    * Hong Meiling
    * Letty Whiterock

    These are different from the regular shimejis; these float around on your desktop, and you can interact with them in a few ways (fast mouseover left/right will dizzy them, mouseover up/down forces them to move, and they'll look at you if you slowly hover over them).

    When you right click them, you'll be asked if you want to set options (first choice) or close that pet (second choice).  In the configuration options are choices that are unique to each girl; you can set how fast they move, how fast they dizzy-spin, and if they have a special double-click option (like Youmu taking out/sheathing her swords or Nitori using her opti-camo), you can disable it, or in some cases set a special option for it (like how well Nitori's opti-camo works).


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