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The Touhou franchise is so well-loved that other developers have been making their own Touhou-related fangames for years - and many have been doing a very good job of it lately.  Here we offer a selection of many of the best-made and most popular Touhou spinoff games.

You do NOT need to contact a admin or mod to upload your content. As long as you meet the requirements, you can upload it yourself. We do not require screenshots but you may get more downloads if you provide them. 

Please note of the following guidelines:

- Game cannot be more than 300MB in size. 

- When uploading, the server may or may not record the archive size. If in case it does not, enter the size of the archive in the "File Size" field. 

- Uploading a VirusTotal link is not REQUIRED but it will ensure your content is trusted by many if you do.

- Be as detailed as possible in the description for your game.

- Please upload your content within it's respective categories. 

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