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The Touhou franchise is so well-loved that other developers have been making their own Touhou-related fangames for years – and many have been doing a very good job of it lately.  Here we offer a selection of many of the best-made and most popular Touhou spinoff games.


* In a way, this page acts as a main database for what we have, and which games still need pages populated.

* Main links are the fastest single-segment download available; for files under 200 MB, this is MediaFire, but for files of over 200 MB in size, it is Mega, with a multi-segment MediaFire mirror available.

* We will not be held responsible for frustration caused by choosing not to read the directions on games’ pages where available; that’s why we provide info.

* Note to Editors: If a Touhou spinoff is not listed on this page, we don’t have it, plain and simple.

* The goal is to have a page populated for every single game we offer.
-> Anywhere you see [Has a Page], the link leads to the game’s page.
-> If you see [No Page Yet], the link goes directly to the download because the game doesn’t have a page yet, and the editors need to make one.
-> Editors: If you can populate a page of info for games that don’t yet have a page, don’t be lazy and make excuses – if you’re capable, do it.

->Blue text indicates page has not been visited yet. Gray indicates visited.

* A friendly reminder to editors that alphabetizing is a thing. Please add things in an alphabetically legitimate order when adding new games please. –Sparen

2D Platforming/Action

Boho Youyoumu [Has a Page]

* Boho Koumakyou 2 [Has a Page]

Bullet Report [Has a Page]

Castle Maze [Has a Page]

Cirno Climbers [Has a Page]

Cirno Smash Climbers [Has a Page]

* Dangerous Patchouli [Has a Page]

* Double Focus [No Page Yet]

* Endless Alice Crysis [Has a Page]

Endless Marisa [Has a Page]

Gensokyo no Nazo [Has a Page]

Han Tamashii Takeshi Geichou [Has a Page]

Hotoku no Kyouko-chan [No Page Yet]

* I Wanna Be the Shrine Maiden [Link Broken]

* I Wanna Be the Shrine Maiden 2 [Link Broken]

Katsugeki Kidan [Has a Page]

Katsugeki Kidan 2 [No Page Yet]

Katsugeki Kidan 3 [Has a Page]

Legend of Twilight [No Page Yet]

Madan Zan Harukaze – Unbelieved Heroes [Link Broken]

Madan Zan 2nd – Unbelieved Heroes [No Page Yet]

* Madan Zan Cronica – Unbelieved Heroes [No Page Yet]

Maid Crisis – The Elegant Region Power [No Page Yet]

* Maid Made Maze [Has a Page]

Maid Slayer – The Soul of Elegant Skill  [No Page Yet]

* MegaMari [Has a Page]

Mystical Chain [Has a Page]

New Super Marisa Land [Has a Page]

* Quartet X [Has a Page]

Rift in a Friendship [Has a Page]

Rock Maiden [No Page Yet]

Rush the Hina [Has a Page]

Remifura Spirits [Has a Page]

Sakuya’s Counterattack [Has a Page]

* Sakuya’s Crisis – The Perfect Elegant Skill [No Page Yet]

Sakuya’s Crisis 2 – The Linkage of Servant Trial [No Page Yet]

Sanae & Momie with Ibara Kasen [Has a Page]

Sanae Challenge! ~ Fusion [Has a Page]

* Super Marisa World [Link Broken]

* Takkoman -Kouzatsu World- [Has a Page]

The Elegant Region Power [No Page Yet]

* The Legend of Scarlet Devil Castle: Scarlet Symphony [Has a Page]

* The Legend of Scarlet Devil Castle II: Stranger’s Requiem [Has a Page]

* Touhou Heisatsu Yuugi [No Page Yet]

* Touhou Koukayaku: The Game [Has a Page]

* Touhou Warriors of Friendship [Has a Page]

* Touhou Warriors of Friendship 2 [No Page Yet]

* Touhou Yuuen Sekai [No Page Yet]

2D Shooting (Danmakufu)
**For the engine itself and related materials such as how to run the games, refer to the Danmakufu page
Concealed the Conclusion [Has a Page]
Fairies of Sorcery [Has a Page]
Juuni Jumon ~ Summer Interlude [Has a Page]
Mystical Power Plant [Has a Page]
Riverbed Soul Saver [Has a Page]
Spell Card Collection [Has a Page]
Spell Card Collection 2 [Has a Page]
The Last Comer [Has a Page]
White Names Spoiled Past [Has a Page]
Youkai Kori Kassen [Has a Page]
Touhou Koumakyo- The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 3D [Has a Page]

2D Shooting (Others)

* Crystallized Mythology [No Page Yet]

Eins Ring [No Page Yet]

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 8-Bit Ver. [Has a Page]

* Fantastic Danmaku Festival [No Page Yet]

Fly, Marisa, Fly [No Page Yet]


LaserReimu [No Page Yet]

Marine Benefit [Has a Page]

* Madara Sakura [No Page Yet]

Moedan [Has a Page]

* Project Nize Festival [No Page Yet]

* Samidare [No Page Yet]

* Seihou 1: Shuusou Gyoku [Has a Page]

* Seihou 2: Kioh Gyoku [Has a Page]

* Seihou 3: Banshiryuu [No Page Yet]

* Shatter All Spell Card [No Page Yet]

* Shining Shooting Star [No Page Yet]

Shoot Shoot Nitori [Has a Page]

* Shoot Shoot Nitori The Golden [No Page Yet]

* The Phantom Called Lunasa Prismriver [No Page Yet]

* Uwabami Breakers [Has a Page]

Weaving the Blue Orient [No Page Yet]

* Yamano Kappa Studio [No Page Yet]

2.5/3D Shooting

EoSD 3D [Has a Page]

Master Burner Climax [Has a Page]

Suwako-Chan Cubic [Has a Page]

Suwako-Chan’s Jumping-Shooting Game [Has a Page]

Signal Fairies [No Page Yet]

Touhou Battle Arena [No Page Yet]

Uniting Barrage Action [Has a Page]

2.5/3D Fighting

Gensou Rondo [Has a Page]

Suika vs. Mecha-Suika [No Page Yet]

Touhou Kobuto [No Page Yet]

Touhou Sky Arena [Has a Page]

* Touhou Vs [No Page Yet]

2.5/3D Platforming/Action

Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity  [Has a Page]

Code: R ~From Gensokyo With Love~ [Has a Page]

DynaMarisa 3D [Has a Page]

Ephemeral Swordplay Reverie (Youyou Kengeki Musou) [Has a Page]

Kinokon – Defend My Sweet Home [No Page Yet]

Shin Touhou Musou [No Page Yet]


Age of Ethanols [Has a Page]

Alice VS Black Doll Empire – Atelier of Enligtenment [No Page Yet]

Blizzard of Faith and Revenge [Has a Page]

* Cirno Senki – Gensou no Keifu Gaiden [No page yet]

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 [No Page Yet]

Defiant of Shrine Maiden [No Page Yet]

Fantasy Maiden Wars Series [Has a Page] 

-> Fantasy Maiden Wars Mystic [Has a Page] 

-> Fantasy Maiden Wars Eternal [Has a Page]

Fushigi no Gensokyo Chronicle [No Page Yet]

* Fushigi no Gensokyo 2: Miracle Party [No Page Yet]

Genius of Sapphieros [No Page Yet]

* Gensokyo Tower Defense [Has a Page]

Gensou Maroku ~The Devil of Decline~ [Has a Page]

Labyrinth of Touhou [Has a Page]

Labyrinth of Touhou 2 [Has a Page]

LotusCraft [No Page Yet]

Nightmare of Sleeping Girl [Has a Page]

* PatchCon: Defend the Library! [Has a Page]

Scarlet Devil Mansion Defense [Has a Page]

Satori Dungeon ~ Heart of Crossed Memory  [No Page Yet]

Satori Dungeon 2 ~ Heart of Masked Memory  [No Page Yet]

Sengoku Gensokyo [Has a Page]

* Tempest of Heaven and Earth: Suppression by Celestial [Has a Page]

Tendo Blade [No Page Yet]

* Touhou Diablo: Treasure Hunter G [Has a Page]

Touhou Diablo 2: Gensokyo Treasure Hunting [No Page Yet]

-> Translations

Touhou Defense of the Shrines [Has a Page]

  –> Latest English Map

Touhou Hack & Slash [No Page Yet]

Touhoumon [Has a Page]

-> Puppet Dance Performance  [Has a Page]

^ Put this on its main page, not here.  -Ace

Shanghai and the Magical Book of Mystery [No Page Yet]

Touhou Mother [Has a Page]

Touhou Monsters Card ~ Phantasmal Summoners [No Page Yet]

Youkai Tan Q Roku [Has a Page]

​*Touhou Fushigi no Daibou [Has No Page Yet]

Puzzle & Logic

Beventlaed [Has a Page]

Gensoukyou Daisensou [Has a Page]

I.9 – Intelligent Fool [Has a Page]

MariAri [No Page Yet]

Marisa & Alice’s Trap Tower! [Has a Page]

Nitroid [Has a Page]

RemiDoki [Has a Page]

Scarlet Devil’s Key [No Page Yet]

Suwako Pacheris [Has a Page]

Koi Gensou Sato ~ World of Unrecognizable Disaster

Part 1 | Part 2 [No Page Yet]

The Emotional Education of Satori Komeiji [Has a Page]

Touhou Nagiri Sen [No Page Yet]

Touhou Pantama [No Page Yet]

Visual Novels

EoSD for Busy Person [Has a Page]

Flandre’s Quest [Has a Page]

In Miko We Trust [No Page Yet]

PCB for Busy Person [Has a Page]

Shin Gyakuten Touhou [Has a Page]

STB for Busy People [No Page Yet]

Touhou Pocket Wars Evo + [Has a Page]

Touhou Pocket Wars 2nd [Has a Page]


Meddlesome Magician [Has a Page]

Meddlesome Magician 2 [Has a Page]


* Touhou Soccer Moushuuden [Has a Page]


Rumbling Spell Orchestra [Has a Page]


Touhou Rhythm Carnival! Scarlet [Has a Page]


Ultimate Sunflower Creation [Has a Page]