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  3. How do these files work? I can't open them or unpack them.
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  5. also i wanted to give my opinion on the updated version 1. the font is sooooo wonky and some of the words dont match the old english patch 2. there are lunatic clears in this game already on the score file i mean, i know i can just delete it but its a bit crazy for a starter (not saying im a starter) to do lunatic straight away 3. noticed some of the files have changed too
  6. you must have been looking at the hard or lunatic continues on normal mode you only get 3 because its an easier mode but on hard i think thats where you saw you get 5 continues because its a bit harder im not sure all i know is i can probably 1cc hard mode with sakuyaA
  7. you coulda ask a Mod or Site Editor. though i don't know if the mods have power in the download section.
  8. THanks for all the music uploads so far, will there be more in the furute?

  9. I accidentally uploaded a file that I didn't know was already uploaded to the server. Is it possible to delete it?
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Release Information Type: Vertical Shooting Game Developer: 立命館大学サブカルチャー 連合 Publisher: 立命館大学サブカルチャー連合 Release: Comiket 87 on December 29, 2014 Language: Japanese Description Touhou Crisis Scarlet is the very first doujin shooting game developed by 立命館大学サブカルチャー連合, which was released at Comiket 87 on December 29, 2014. Touhou Crisis Scarlet plays like a Touhou shooting game in most respects, however, there are some differences. The final boss got a good number of spell cards, but it does not affect player's score. Since timer is running backwards, and the score is calculated directly from the number of seconds remaining, the best strategy to achieve high score is defeat them as soon as possible. Bomb basically unlimited and the bar will be filled slowly if the player continues to destroy enemies. Player will start off with 3 lives with each consisting of five slots. These slots can be filled by collecting HP items from destroyed enemies. There are two characters to choose from; Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame, each of which have two styles of attack and a charge attack.
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