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Here in this club, we post memes. That's it. I'll probably post Club Updates on the Blog sooner or later.
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  2. i have some memes in my folder, do you wants some?
    it is infact the correct opinion
  3. Fun fact, did you know Alice is partly based off of Alice from SMT ?
  4. I will never cease to be amazed at the absolute size of Deka Fumos.
  5. I didn't know Cirno was considered hard, IMO the hardest boss in EoSD (excluding the extra stage because I haven't played it yet) is probably Patchy or Succuya.
  6. random, most of them are handmade, most of them are from a meme generator
    50% chance of hight quaility and 50% chance of low quality
    This meme is quite sad but funny at the same time

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