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All those who join before this club gets 12 + members and above will become moderators unless they break the rules. All those trusted in the group when a moderator breaks the rules will be voted among the mods if he/she can become a mod. According to the title we post memes here. Isn't that already obvious at this point? Er...whatever. Rules: 1)Meme posts here (obviously) 2)Idk do what ya want but please no innapropriate things. *UPDATE* I will now delete the Question board because of inactive use and I'll replace it with regular forums.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. From the album: Wakasagihime's Abstract Art Gallery

    How do you speel justin beievr's last name?
  3. Should I make a Touhou Scratch game (I already have a plot planed if yall agree lol)
  4. Post memes made in MS Paint here.
  5. \(º □ º l|l)/ I want to look at these masterpieces, but they are all black and so are the other memeememss. idk why, I'm pretty sure other people can see them Edit: It's a miracle! I can see now!
  6. Here's what I think (jk, I hope the picture isn't big)
  7. dont worry my photo is a stealed *Le sanae* with a moustache i did on paint so mine is worse
  8. I didn't bomb spam but I did bomb like 3 times on the last stage so it still counts
  9. do you guys bomb spam on hard/lunatic to get those runs u don't even deserve well then name that run "meme" and send a picture of it


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