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Here in this club, we post memes. That's it. I'll probably post Club Updates on the Blog sooner or later.
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  2. hello and welcome to reisenfanatic17's touhou folder! theres gonna be stuff they made, stuff they didnt made, 2hujerk stuff... oh and feel free 2 add some other memes!
  3. if mima actually came back marisa will have to betray everyone unless she forgot
  4. 46 views on the most popular image in a day! MA I'M INTERNET FAMOUS! Its funny to see how some of these shift and change if you sort by views. Remidrip and 'Mima in the Room' have all been consistently at the top (I did save my favorites for last). Most of these are consistently where they are, but some have zoomed around. The one with Nazrin was near the bottom yesterday, now its #3 for example. Its really cool to see what people find amusing. I just hope some of you guys find a reason to use some of these.
  5. i have some memes in my folder, do you wants some?
    it is infact the correct opinion
  6. Fun fact, did you know Alice is partly based off of Alice from SMT ?
  7. I will never cease to be amazed at the absolute size of Deka Fumos.

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