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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Apperently there was a round of "Steam Shuffle" that got played: new shrine group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MoriyaShrineOfficial
  3. For future reference though, apparently joining the chat on that page is only doable via the full steam client. Once you're in however it should pull up any time you open the chat page in the web browser.
  4. From the few things I've heard about the situation, I don't think the old group will be removed. So I guess we will have both for now.
  5. What can I say I like the classics. Is there a way to remove the old one?
  6. Oh, we made a new Steam group for Moriya Shrine some time ago https://steamcommunity.com/groups/moriyashrineofficial
  7. Didn't know if people realized this but steam has kinda been overhauling their chat systems over the past few months. They've actually managed to make it work as a easy realtime browser based chat. For most people I don't suspect this will replace discord any time soon, but for those who want to it's a great place to come chat about games. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/MoriyaShrine
  8. Undertale(or Deltarune) Touhou(any one of them) Minecraft Danganronpa Starbound BTW up for PVP on 12.3
  9. Final Fantasy Dragon Quest Shin Megami Tensei Morrowind Doom 2016
  10. Half - Life Series Deadly Premonition Rewrite Ys VIII - Lacrimosa of DANA Minecraft Extra Budget Cuts VA-11 Hall-A Killer Is Dead
  11. Hmm, an interesting question . . . Skies of Arcadia KotOR 2 Soul Calibur Tales of Vesperia To The Moon
  12. Saw this question on twitter so I'm stealing it: What 5 games would you use to describe yourself/your tastes in games? Dark Souls (any of the 3) Antichamber Armello Opus Magnum PSO2
  13. Here's a spot to post any clans or groups that denizens are running or a part of that they feel carry the spirit of the shrine. For starters and the thought generating this thread, I've got a long standing, but practically unused clan in Warframe: Mishaguji As space ninjas go I felt it was fitting to have a clan themed after the darker and more subtle forces under the command of the great kero. There are currently maybe 3 of us from way back when that pop in and out irregularly, but we manage to keep *most* of the unlocks available. If anyone wants to try out warframe just get in contact and, while I cant speak for everyone, I would be more than happy to guide people through the start of the game. Feel free to message on steam or in game, although I dont make a habit of leaving the game running, if you would like to join. Unfortunately I don't believe there is a way to apply directly, so it'd mostly be contacting someone in the clan to join.
  14. Ar-Azif - Ar-Azif (steamcommunity.com/id/thefallentwentyone) Steam Multiplayer Games: Dota2, Elsword, Closers, Aura Kingdom, Paladins. Steam Offline Games: All Hyperdimension Neptunia series, Moekuri, LiEat, Fox Hime, Monster Monpiece, Trillion. My hobbies are reading, games and listening to music.
  15. http://steamcommunity.com/id/LoliMasterKyo My steam name is Kyouko I tend to change sometimes but not often anymore Favorite/most played games I have on steam include: Nuclear Throne Hollow Knight The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel Fault Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Terraria DotA 2(I play this one a little too much) The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Stardew Valley FTL: Faster Than Light I have a few multiplayer games but mostly single player games not gonna say my entire library since that's a little too much Also most of the info on my profile is a meme the only accentuate part aside from favorite game is the country a live in
  16. Oh, also... I still haven't put $5 into my Steam Wallet, so I cannot send friend requests out. ~ Kurzov Edit 3-27-2018: Steam Wallet requirement get.
  17. Jmonkey71 - Jmonkey71 Steam Multiplayer Games: 100% OJ, Duck Game, TF2, L4D2, Garry's Mod, Castle Crashers, Don't Starve Together (Haven't played yet), Terraria (Minimal experience), Skullgirls (Minimal experience), Brawlhalla (Kinda experienced) Other Multiplayer Games: Pokemon (Current gen, both in-game and Showdown), Minecraft, Touhou 12.3
  18. Kurzov - "KurlandiaTouhouist" (don't have the URL handy so what/ever) Games: EU4, Civ5, some other stuff
  19. Maden - Maden (steamcommunity.com/id/JohnMaden) Games: EU4, Civilization V, Starbound, Stellaris, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, Don't Starve Together, 100% OJ Also probably other games that I didn't mention that are somewhere in my library
  20. Cejic - Cejic (steamcommunity.com/id/Cejic) I think you should be able to see my games there. recently: Cuphead Nioh Darksouls Divinity: Original Sin Starbound
  21. Just putting this here for anyone to share their Steam name and what games they might be interested in online multiplayer for. I'll update the list as people post so it'll be nice and organized at the top. The list: (Shrine name - Steam name) dunaway5 - dunaway5 Games: Terraria, BlazBlue CPEX, Team Fortress 2, Helldivers Cejic - Cejic Cuphead, Nioh, Dark Souls, Divinity: Original Sin, Starbound Maden - Maden EU4, Civ V, Starbound, Stellaris, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, Don't Starve Together, 100% OJ Kurzov - KurlandiaTouhouist EU4 Jmonkey71 - Jmonkey71 100% OJ, Duck Game, TF2, L4D2, Garry's Mod, Castle Crashers, Don't Starve Together, Terraria, Skullgirls, Brawlhalla


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