About Moriya Shrine
This website itself was started in December of 2011 by Ace Of Arrows, who has stepped down January 27th 2017 sadly due to personal issues.  His first staff included people such as Climbkid (now known as Zackykins, who, sadly, mostly doesn’t visit the Shrine much anymore), Grace (who stepped down in 2016 due to personal differences), and Saint (who still helps out with the music pages). The new Admin of the shrine is Cirno, who succeeds CraftyMage.

Social Media, Communities, and Contact Information


At this point in time, the Moriya Shrine community is currently using the following media or manners of communication which officially belong to either the community at large, or are at least managed by CraftyMage himself or one or more of his staff:


* Discord

-> Server: Moriya Shrine

-> Administrator: Cirno

Discord is growing in popularity as a general communication app, and we are on board with our own server!  Feel free to join those in the Shrine who are trying (or are already pretty well into) Discord.  Our server may be fairly new so far, but its population grows in size every day, and there’s already a fair amount of people to talk to.


Social Media

* Facebook

-> Site: https://www.facebook.com/TheMoriyaShrine

-> Managers: Sparen

* Twitter

-> Tweet At: @TheMoriyaShrine

-> Managers: Dunaway

* Google +

-> Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/102059863697937726731

-> Managers: (I don’t think we have any right now?)

* Kik

-> Community: #MoriyaShrine

-> Managers: (None right now, to be honest.)


* E-Mail

-> Send Mail To: CraftyMage@live.com

CraftyMage is in charge of this account.  It is not checked often, and the preference if anything goes wrong is to contact him via a more direct method, such as Discord.

Stuff We Don’t Use Disclaimers

Do not believe people who claim the Shrine has an official community anywhere other than the locations listed above; we don’t have an official Tumblr or Instagram, for example, so anyone claiming affiliation with the Shrine anywhere except as listed above is likely not telling you the truth.


LAN Network Emulator Rooms


Network Emulation

* Evolve

-> Party Name: Moriya Shrine

-> In Charge: Ace Of Hearts

To join an Evolve party, you must first be on the contact list of its leader, and from there, the party’s leader can send you an invite to join, which you just accept.

Although we do technically still have a Hamchi room, it’s fallen out of use, and most people tend to just make small rooms as they’re needed for Soku (or whatever other) matches, and it’s been full for years now anyway, so it really wouldn’t do much good to put its info here.  :p

Netplay Database

We’re attempting to put together a database of players who enjoy playing the fighting games so you can find each other more easily!  Here’s a view link for our database.